DECEMBER 1, 2006
We've decided to pull off the job for now while the weather is preventing any progress on the roof; and use this time to regroup and do the necessary research for lots of upcoming projects, i.e. our fresh air system. We hate to lose this time, but it's got to be done anyway. Partially because when we moved to the area, we didn't know where we would end up building our home. As it turned out, we were living 45 minutes away. Not only did that cost us at least an hour and a half of precious time every single day traveling back and forth - not to mention how tiring it was - but when you add in the cost of gasoline and wear and tear on our cars, it just wasn't the best of situations. So, last summer we decided to bite the bullet and move much closer to "home". That of course, means packing and unpacking, and setting up a new household Another reason why we decided to pull off. Because we couldn't do it at the time, all of our boxes and most furniture is still in our original rental house and we won't be able to completely move out for another ten weeks or so.

Oh, if we could only win the lottery...this place would be finished in three or four months! And what homeowner hasn't dreamed of that before?! And if we could only clone ourselves, we'd be out of that other house in a jiffy. But alas....

Meanwhile, the snow has begun to melt and just as Greg had worried, the snow did indeed bend our gutters.'s not the "just tacked up until we finish them" gutters but the ones we thought we wouldn't have to worry about! When the massive amounts of snow slid off the roof when the sun came out, it took its toll. Now Greg will double up on the gutter clips from every two feet to every linear foot. And, if he had it to do over again, he'd use "snow clips" on those problem roof areas to hold the snow on the roof and let it melt gradually into the gutter.

DECEMBER 15, 2006
Since we're not going to "The Job" every day now during this reorganization break, we're finding that our absence is creating some problems.

Greg went to this morning to check on things and the unmistakable scent of skunk filled the air. Now, personally, I don't find the scent of a skunk all that horrendous but still we don't want to encourage critters. We've had at least a couple of chipmunks that are resident guests since last spring. So, Greg is now rethinking priorities and since the weather isn't as critical as when working on the roof, he will begin to seal up the place with plywood sheets as well as sealing off the closet upstairs so we can have a secure space for storage. Which creates yet another obstacle to completing our move.

And, the appliance store we bought ours from has been nice enough to store them for going on two years and they've informed us they must deliver (get rid of) them soon. So this will serve as safe storage lots of items - and save us from having to rent storage space. We're planning on using some humane traps to relocate our guests (nearby but not so close to the house).

We have had the worst windstorms here in 50 years, but we were lucky not to lose any trees. And again, the power has gone out which only underscores our decision for a whole-house generator.

The trouble with purchasing a generator isn't necessarily the brand, it's the installer. Many who claim to be professionals - are not. Since we're always trying to head off problems, we will be able to pick and choose what essential rooms/appliances/other uses to wire to it whereas those who install them after move in will be "generating" much more than necessary. Our ability to plan ahead on this should result in using a smaller, less expensive, unit.

JANUARY 1, 2006
No matter that it's a new year, we're taking advantage of the quiet of the holiday and spending some time doing some much needed construction cleanup (again, not dependent on the weather). Normally, I would have been cleaning up behind Greg every so often, but other tasks have kept me away from the job site in the weeks prior to our hiatus.

In addition to clean up, Greg and I unloaded our entire Ikea kitchen which we had been storing off site (of course still in boxes) and schlepped them up the stairs and into our "new" (translation: secure) closet. As I was humping some heavy board on my back up the stairs, I said out loud, "Thank you body for allowing me to do this!!!"

However, it didn't stop me from slipping down the trailer plank and landing face first onto the gravel driveway. Luckily, no damage done.

As time goes by...our "move over" date (the date we can move into the downstairs guestroom area while Greg completes all the details and finish carpentry to the upstairs living area) gets pushed continually forward. Not only do things take longer than hoped, but....Greg is taking on more and more of the entire project. When we first began, online training was available...but not to the extent of what's available now. You can take online courses for radiant heat installation, fresh air systems, fire sprinklers etc. etc. Hopefully, he'll be able to use some of this "down" time to begin some courses.

JANUARY 15, 2006
Most of our time in recent weeks has been spent moving and organizing. But while he has the opportunity,
Greg is prepainting some of our roofing elements ahead of time.



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