Photo taken Spring 2008

Photo taken Fall 2009

And here begins the chronicle of building our new home

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The Beginning

July thru September 2004

October thru November 2004

December 2004 thru January 2005

February thru March 2005

April thru May 2005

June thru July 2005

August thru September 2005

October thru November 2005

December 2005 thru January 2006

February thru March 2006

April thru May 2006

June thru July 2006

August thru September 2006

October thru November 2006

December 06 thru January 07

February thru March 07

April thru May 07

June thru July 07

August thru September 07

October thru November 07

December 07

January thru February 08

March thru April 08

May thru June 08

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January thru February 09

March thru April 09

May thru June 09

July thru August 09

September thru October 09


This Disclaimer is being written on December 4, 2010!!

That's more than a year from the date of these entries below.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, my computer crashed.  It took me weeks and weeks to get it resolved which required purchasing a new computer.

Along with the new computer came new software including the programs I use to create and publish this website.  Translation:  a learning curve that I had no time on which to focus.

I am now, in December of 2010, just beginning to look at notes scribbled long ago and continue on.  So please forgive me if I repeat old news and information.

And now, back to our program......