With every choice, something must be left behind
To leave California, we had to leave friends and family
But the world is smaller today
And so Greg and I are taking advantage of the Internet to post this website

will chronicle the story of our move
and the beginning of this grand adventure of ours
Here's where we'll tell you why we loved our home
but why we eventually made the decision to move on
despite some agonizing soul searching
Most importantly, we'll share with you all our exciting new challenges

Now that we're retired we've had time to give it a lot of serious thought
and we've determined our goals for this next phase of our lives
In a word (and an adjective)


Henceforth, our new motto shall be
We've got nothing to do, and we're doing it tomorrow!

From time to time we’ll send you an email
when we’ve got something newsworthy to share
But you can always bookmark the following page
and check back now and then for updates

We miss you all and hope you get a chance to visit us some time

In the text of our story will be clickable links to pictures and websites
to make this as informative as possible
After viewing an image, don’t forget to click the window closed to get back to the previous page

Journey with us now to

Shelley & Greg

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